MUM4 : The tried-and-tested classic among food processors - boasting exceptional BOSCH quality and a wide range of accessories. In white/silver.

  • Large capacity 3.9 L stainless steel bowl to make your life in the kitchen easier
  • 3-dimensional planetary movement for perfectly homogeneous and successful preparations
  • Can be expanded to meet your needs with a range of high quality accessories
  • Easy to use and clean, most accessories are dishwasher safe


Power (W) : 600 W

Capacity : 3.90 l

Gears : 4

Max capacity : 2.0 kg

Dimensions (mm) : 265 x 265 x 305 mm

Materials : Steel and stainless steel

Including patisserie set for your baking ideas.

Don't allow the wrong tools to get in the way of your ideas. The patisserie set with whisk, stirrer and kneading hook is suitable for a wide range of uses and perfect results. With these accessories you can prepare meringue, fine cake and heavy dough mixes with ease. All of them are dishwasher-safe.

Bake even heavy doughs with powerful motor.

Enjoy perfect baking results from the beginning. With the powerful motor, you can prepare large volumes of ingredients – effortlessly and quickly. No waiting, no reworking, no compromises.

Large bowl for optimum preparation of doughs.

You can't tell the ideal bowl by its size only. For best results, the inner shape of a bowl and the tools are aligned with each other. The high-quality 3.9 l stainless steel bowl is suitable for small amounts as well as for easy processing of up to 2 kg of cake mixture and 1.5 of yeast dough.

Four speed levels for easy recipe preparation.

Various speed levels guarantee easy preparation. With 4 individual speed levels and a turbo function, your recipes will be prepared quickly in the future.

Perfect results with to the 3D planetary mixing gear.

To achieve perfect results, the ingredients must be merged in a consistent way. 3D planetary mixing means the tools move in three directions while the socket turns in the opposite direction. This is to ensure that the mixture is seared well on the sides, bottom and center of the bowl, making the dough chewy.


  • EAN : 4242002646664

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